Welcome Gorgeous!

Who we are? The Love Team is a group of highly motivated, well-trained and dedicated makeup artists and hair stylists.

Why we named "Love"? Ever since we started our business in wedding industry in 2013, we LOVED about the wonderful experience and can't stop doing what we do. It is not just rewarding but also valuable to be part of the important moment of someone's life. We believe that our job is to LOVE the job, and to LOVE the people we work with!

A word from the owner...

   "In the past few years, our team have worked hard and gained lots of love and trust from our clients, and partners. The recognition of our efforts are highly important to us, as it keeps us continue to pass our wisdom and good work on to our job. We strive to make each of our work not just a "nice picture", but also a lasting memory experience that is meaningful to our clients!"