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Senior Stylist
Makeup & Hair

Never afraid to go off and do her own thing or afraid of standing out, Sarah has always been a natural born perfectionist and would rather go off on her own then be lost in the crowd. In high school, she was known for performing on stage and designing all of her own clothes that she would sew by hand the night before going to school.  Sometimes her need to achieve perfection would keep up all night long, until she was happy with what she had sewn. It didn't matter what she was doing, or how long it took, it was going to be a complete piece of art. The phrase she grew accustom to hearing all her life was "It doesn't have to be perfect Sarah." and her answer in response has always been, "Yes it does!". Those qualities today, serve an amazing purpose in her makeup and hair skills and is why her work stands out.

"Once a perfectionist, always a perfectionist."

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