The Love Team specializes in bridal makeup and hair for weddings in Vancouver.With an award winning team of professional makeup artists, each member devotes their time and skills in perfecting your wedding day look to make each wedding an unforgettable lifetime memory! 


 We believe in beauty comes in all shapes, forms, colors, ages, sizes and styles. Our missions is to combined our knowledge, creativity and along with the highest-quality products in our kits, to help and discover each individual’s own unique beauty and features.


Our Specialty

Dramatic Eye Changes - We achieve fabulous eye looks by using special tapes to reshape and resize the eyes. The tape can help adjust single eyelids to double eyelids, make uneven eyes even, and open up hooded eyes. They are totally invisible and can be covered by any types of eye shadows of your own choice.
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Textured Hairstyles - We add textures to styles, especially dark or black hair, to provide movements and layers to the hair in a natural looking way. Thin hair also benefits from textured hairstyles, as texturing gives the appearance of fuller hair. 
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Own Designed Lashes - Fake lashes are the big help for increasing the fullness and to fill the sparse area. Our lashes are designed in different shapes, layers and volumes to meet different eye shapes. We believe suitable lashes are the best to wear for a full day long! 

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