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Senior Stylist
Makeup & Hair

Meet Yves, an extremely talented makeup artist/hair stylist with an impressive 12-year journey in the industry. Her passion and talent have shaped her into a true artist, dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of every bride she works with. 

Yves's portfolio is a testament to her artistry, showcasing her ability to create a diverse range of looks, from classic and timeless to modern and elegant. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with an innate understanding of facial features and hair textures, enables her to tailor every look to suit each bride's unique personality and style.

Yves's commitment to making every bride feel like the most beautiful version of herself is evident in every stroke of her brush and every twist of her curls. With Yves by your side, you're not just getting a makeup artist, you're getting an artist who crafts dreams into reality.

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