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Hi Beauty,

As Vancouver’s premier bridal makeup team, we know and understand what clients really want; simply to look beautiful and flawless.

We know you're crazy-busy choosing invitations, florists, bridesmaids dresses, and a honeymoon hot spot, but don't neglect one of the most important tasks of all -- getting yourself looking and feeling great.

The planning that go into a wedding are never-ending and planning your pre-wedding hair, skin, and beauty treatments are just as important as picking out the cake! Whether you have a few months or a few days before the ceremony, our team will guide you with our best expert advice to help you get that sought-after wedding day glow. 

The Star Stylists

If there’s one thing that warms our heart, it’s arriving at a wedding destination to see a bride bursting with excitement at what’s to come. We consider being part of your special day to be an honour and we relish every moment.

Star Stylist



Having trained and undertaken her specialist degree at Blanche Macdonald over a decade ago, Clarice joined TLT back in 2015.

Clarice has helped countless women address their specific skin concerns to create the perfect look. You can be confident that your makeup will go the distance. Your beauty experience with Clarice includes magazine-worthy service with the industry's top editorials, including Real Wedding and Pacific Wedding magazine. Clarice loves the variation the job brings and is truly passionate about the art of makeup. 

"I've had a life-long love affair with makeup and hair styling. I am always thrilled to meeting amazing women in the happiest of circumstances and bringing their wedding day dreams to life."


Vivian joined TLT back in 2019. Her love for bridal beauty began in 2010 where her passion blossomed into this career. Throughout the years Vivian has worked with many brides, models and photographers and created many signature looks that are highly requested by our brides. She has an impeccable eye and devotion to the perfect balance of artistry.


After giving birth and had her baby in the last couple of months, she is all ready to continue to work passionately, creating exquisite looks on faces and helping our clients to feel confident and their best!

Vivian's unique vision has built up a client list the reads like a catalogue of great beauty houses. Her dedication to her work transformed her into one of the most booked star stylists of our team.




Alison received her professionalism at world-known beauty school, Blanche Macdonald, in 2016. Her love for beauty began since then where her passion blossomed into a career. She has an impeccable eye and devotion to the perfect balance of artisitry.

Alison began her makeup career at TLT since 2017. Throughout the last five years Alison has worked with many clients, models and photographers. She has been featured in Today's Bride, Real Wedding magazine, just to name a few. 

Alison describes makeup artistry as "painting a Canvas"."Each canvas has a story. No canvas is like another. No face is exactly like another. This is what makes my job beautiful and rewarding."


Ting has been professionally trained and taught by Blanche Macdonald. Her start in the beauty industry began since 2015. Her specialty is glowing, effortless, natural makeup and hairstyles that are romantic, boho and braided.

Ting personally love glam looks. Taking a vision and creating a look that's beautiful, but unique and allows clients to see themselves in the mirror is her goal everyday! Her work have been featured on many magazines: Wedlux, Italy Vogue, etc.

"As each year goes by, I get more in tune with the art of glam, the art of mastering my work onto a beautiful canvas. What started as a hobby, suddenly became a passion and a fire ignited in me that this is the life I wanted to live. I push myself every single day to give my clients the best of me as a person and as an artist. I promise you that I will continue my journey by improving and innovating the art of makeup."

Senior Stylist

The Senior Stylists

Getting married is one of the biggest life events you will ever have to prepare for. Becoming a bride is an incredibly unique journey for every woman. How you look on the day of your wedding is paramount. All eyes on you, so it is important to choose what look is right for you on your shine day. We aim to design the perfect look just for you.


With over 5 years in the beauty industry, Lilian’s repertoire consists of expertise in both makeup and hair. After graduating from Blanche Macdonald in 2016, she continued to develop her craft as a makeup artist for Lancome. 

Lilian is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. She specializes in wedding makeup, fashion makeup, or any and all occasions. 

Her mantra is “where there is a woman there is beauty” because she loves not only making a woman beautiful, but having her feel beautiful as well.




Eunice has been passionate about hairstyling ever since she can remember. Thanks to her friends in her early ages who provided her a canvas for her to explore her creativity, she discovered her love for hair and all of its potential to help a person feel and look their absolute best.


In 2017, Eunice completed Blanche Macdonald’s Professional Hairstyling Foundations Program, began working as a freelance hairstylist, and joined The Love Team. With 4 years of professional hair experience, she has had the opportunity to work with many talented artists, and a multitude and diverse range of clients with varying hair needs and desires. She believes in prioritizing the client, actively listening to their hair wants and needs, and collaborating together to turn their hair vision into a reality.


Never afraid to go off and do her own thing or afraid of standing out, Sarah has always been a natural born perfectionist and would rather go off on her own then be lost in the crowd. In high school, she was known for performing on stage and designing all of her own clothes that she would sew by hand the night before going to school.  Sometimes her need to achieve perfection would keep up all night long, until she was happy with what she had sewn. It didn't matter what she was doing, or how long it took, it was going to be a complete piece of art. The phrase she grew accustom to hearing all her life was "It doesn't have to be perfect Sarah." and her answer in response has always been, "Yes it does!". Those qualities today, serve an amazing purpose in her makeup and hair skills and is why her work stands out.

"Once a perfectionist, always a perfectionist."



webwxgetmsgimg (4)_edited.jpg

Skillful, passionate, and dedicated to her craft, Natalia is one of best stylists in our team. Natalia always knew that her road would lead to make up artistry. During her teenage years, she was in constant demand to provide classmates with make up services for proms and class photos and later for weddings and special events.

After earning her certificate at Blanche Macdonald, she worked on numerous projects as varied in beauty services, and fashion shows.

Whether your interest is to enhance or disguise, classic and timeless, or edgy and in the moment; Natalia loves the creativity and challenge that each individual and circumstance provides. She brings her innate talent, attention to detail, and enthusiasm to every project for a flawless outcome.


Enhancing natural beauty is foremost in the mind of makeup artist Vera when she works.

A makeup artist with more than 5 years’ experience in the areas of fashion photoshoots, bridal makeup/hair, makeup education and product consultations, Vera has learnt from her clients one universal rule: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this principle that drives a signature style that is feminine and natural yet in keeping with modern style inspiration drawn from her many creative sources.

Vera’s vast experience, combined with training by some of the industry’s most highly regarded professionals, sees her clients transformed into their best selves.

Principal Stylist

The Principal Stylist

Makeup is painting with a mastered touch to the skin, and hairstyling is sculpting with a command of hair.


Coco's love affair with makeup began when she was in high school. The transition to makeup was an easy one, once her friends noticed her exceptional passion and hidden talent. After getting her cerfitications and training at Blanche Macdonald, Coco joined TLT in 2017. 

Coco's gentleness and keen eye for creating the perfect wedding look, allowing her to work with women of all ages and skin tones. She is one of our most top-picked stylists in our team and her work has been featured in various magazines, including Real Wedding, Elegant Wedding, and Today's Bride magazine.

"After many years and more than 100 weddings, I still get excited when I see a bride ready to walk down the aisle. That is why I approach every wedding with individual care, enthusiasm, and personal attention a bride deserves on her special day!"



Natural makeup with a bit of shine🥰🥰 _roxanne__lewis ._.jpe

Coa has been in the industry as a professional makeup artist/hairstylist with 10 years experirence in beauty design. After gaining the professionalism at Blanche Macdonald back in 2012, she built this award winning business with pride, along with a strong team of stylists. 

Her philosophy as an artist is to create a natural look by using a range of color and textures that complement her clients unique skin tone, complexion and facial structure. Coa is known for her attention to detail and is eager to collaborate with each of her clients to craft a customized look that will bring their best face forward. 

"Your wedding day will transform the rest of your life, and I can help you embrace that journey radiating beauty and elegance."


Rita is a professional makeup artist with over 10 years of industry experience. She has honed her craft working in a wide variety of media including film, print, commercial, private clients, bridal and editorial. These disciplines have molded her into the well rounded artist she is today.

Rita has been a part of countless brides' special days and has been showered with thank you notes and referrals from satisfied clients. She put her clients instantly at easy by making them feel comfortable, looking and feeling their absolute best!

"I take pride in my work and take time to understand each one of my clients' expectations for their look before drawing the perfect makeup which is customized to fit their facial features."

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