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Senior Stylist
Makeup & Hair

Introducing Kashika, a dedicated makeup and hair artist whose artistic journey was sparked during the trials of the Covid era. Trained and certified by Blanche McDonald's,


Kashika specializes in bridal glamour, sculpting her clients into resplendent visions for their special occasions. For her, makeup isn't just about surface beauty; it's a means of fostering self-assurance and inner strength, a philosophy she passionately embraces.


Since joining The Love Team in 2022, Kashika's career has flourished. From collaborating with photographers to gracing music videos, she has left an indelible mark in the industry. However, it's the priceless moments of joy and wonder from brides as they behold their transformed selves that truly fuel her passion. With an innate skill for enhancing diverse skin tones and accentuating unique features, Kashika ensures that every client radiates their utmost beauty.

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