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Understanding the Differences: Our 3 Levels of Stylists

At The Love Team, we take pride in our team of highly skilled and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists who are dedicated to making your bridal or special event look perfect. We have 3 levels of stylists in our team, each with their unique expertise and years of experience.

Senior Stylist: Serving as the cornerstone of our team, our Senior Stylists are an excellent choice for brides who appreciate our aesthetic but are budget-conscious. We assure you that the expertise of our experienced stylists is unparalleled, setting the highest standard within their price range across the industry. Our roster is rich with accomplished experienced stylists, each possessing a remarkably creative and sophisticated flair.

Star Stylist: Our Star Stylists are also highly skilled professionals who have a wealth of experience in the industry. They have honed their skills through years of working with numerous clients, and are known for their exceptional attention to detail and creative flair. Our Star Stylists are constantly updating their skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure that you receive a top-notch service.

Principal Stylist: Our Principal Stylists are the top-tier experts in our team, with extensive experience and a keen eye for the latest trends in hair and makeup.They are the trailblazers who set the leading styles for our company, responsible for staying ahead of the latest trends and techniques, and often serve as the creative visionaries for our team. When you choose a Principal Stylist, you can trust that you will receive the highest level of artistry.

Rest assured, regardless of the level of stylist you choose, all of our artists at The Love Team are highly trained and experienced and are committed to providing you with exceptional hair and makeup services for your special occasion. We understand that every client is unique and we strive to exceed your expectations with our professional expertise, personalized attention, and unmatched creativity. Explore our portfolio here, and feel free to reach out to us today if you'd like our assistance in finding the perfect artist for your specific requirements!

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